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We produce the Finest Poly Fibre with our advanced technology!

Bajaj Reinforcements LLP has been the industry leader for the manufacturing of poly fibres in India for many years. We are on a mission to produce high-quality poly fibres. With such expertise and knowledge, we are known to be one of the finest quality poly structural fibres manufacturers in India. Our organization has the supreme infrastructure, having advanced and the latest machinery. Bajaj Reinforcements LLP company is one of those companies having the best infrastructure in the structural fibres industry. poly fibres

Our poly fibres are of extreme quality, as our professionals have worked under hygienic conditions. As expert professionals with years of experience, the quality is ensured at each level of our production process. Above all, we are turning garbage into valuable products.

If you are looking for high-quality poly fibres manufacturers in India, Bajaj Reinforcements LLP company is the one you must go with!

Introducing Fibre Tuff

Fibre tuff macro synthetic structural fibers are engineered copolymer fibers used as a replacement for welded wire mesh or steel fibers in structural concrete.

Fibre Tuff is used to enhance post cracking capacity of sprayed concrete. The continuously embossed surface and high aspect ratio allows great adhesion to cementitious paste resulting in increasing ductility of concrete.

Characteristics of Fibre Tuff

Fibretuff features a high Tensile strength & monofilament fibres enables the fibres to acheive maximum bond with the cement Matrix for optimum performance.

Macro Structural Synthetic Fibres are highly resistant to acidic and alkaline environments, thus, they do not require concrete cover as protection against corrosion.

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